About US
Founded in March of 2003, clan Spikage was formed to be dedicated to the proposition that all people were created to party. The name itself, Spikage, is derived from Greek and means 'War of Alcohol.' The clan was formed by a group of people that were tired of the same old clan scene that was 'all about the game, all the time.' We decided it should be all about the players instead. It is for that reason (SPK) has lasted so long to establish itself as the first and oldest Wolfenstein party clan. We encourage extreme fair play on our servers, a good sense of respect from our members, and promote having as much fun as possible, intoxicated or otherwise
Join Us
If your interested in joining the brothers and sisters of (SPK) there are a few things you must do first. First make sure you are a registered member on our forums. If you are not you may Click Here to Register.The next thing we will need from you is an application. To ensure your application gives us all the information we need please make sure you Read These Guidelines first. Once you have read and understand the guidelines make a new topic for your application Here. Then a recruiter from clan Spikage will try to arrange a time to meet you on the game somewhere if you haven't met already. After that, you wait. It make take a couple of days for us to get back to you with a reply because we vote on our members, so for your sake be patient. If we decide to accept your application then you begin your bootcamp training. Yes you heard right, after all that your still not a member you just get to enter a training period as a member of the Spikage Bootcamp. Why does it take a while to be a member of Spikage? Because this way we weed out the wimps, if you can't tough it out then go join some loser clan for kids.

Your probably thinking "Wow, sounds tough, I don't think I have the skill to get in." Fear not friend, because (SPK) is not always looking for the best player. Personality is 75% of your membership. We look to make sure a player is polite, plays fair, doesn't whine, and has fun while playing the game.

So apply today, positions are almost always avaible.

Good Luck!
Play Us
Ready for the ultimate in ET gaming experience? Check out the Midnight Spikage servers. The clans are owned and operated by the -=[MC]=- and (SPK) clans. For a list of server rules, cheater reporting, or comments please post Here

-=(Midnight Spikage)=- : The original server you all love, and the stats to prove it. A 32 player slot server based in the UK. The pride of the -=(MS)=- Team.