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Post by Andrei »

Well i admit at radar i spawncamped and i got warning..

but at goldrush it was just noobish

Hedgehog you should learn to admin tbh

First of all you didn't see my spawncamp...severous rogue acuse of spawncamp so you kick me

second of all..i was'nt even at the bloody command post i was fighting in that corridor that comes afetr command post with mp bloody 40...if that is spawncamp then hey what the hell you can as well ban me form the bloody server...

And why did you kick me with reason spawnkilling?if you were tlakin about spawncamping?

and tell me since when did the allied courtyard at goldrush become a spawn instead of a heavy weapon free zone?

i am a regular on your etpro server...but there need to be some rules established about how you admin...some admins even kick for people who are shooting at spawn exit..and some people don't'

isn't that a bit unfair?
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Post by DreamTheater »

i was on the server.. the rules of the server are that there are no firing into spawnexits.. the corridor is to not be camped either on goldrush.. each person admins or warns in different ways.. some dont care and some make sure everybody follows the rules.. i was there and hedgy did nothing wrong
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The rule is...atleast when I or Screamer is on...Axis do not come into the courtyard unless they are eng or co after the cp, OR if there are ehavy weapons and you go for the heavy weapons man. Other than that, it's spawncamp/killing. As for calling him or anyone else a noob admin, I guess that's why we're one of the top rated servers on Splatterladder, because all our admins are noobs :P

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Post by P4in »

Im sorry did we miss something,did you suddenly start running and paying for the server...HMM ,no so any time an admin makes a call,you should exept it,if you dont like it please feel free to go somewhere else.

In fact with your atitude,your more than welcome to go play.... on another server.
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Post by -=[MC]=-SCREAMER »

couldnt have said it better myself
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Post by Wimpeh »

Well, i'm sure one there is one rule you know, well actualy i'm not but it was a rule shown in the banner:

Admins are always right:)

it was something like that afaik
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