new suscription

if u want protected user lvl on midnight spikage
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new suscription

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Hello (<font color=#00ff00><b>(SPK)</b></font>)
First of all, congrats for the teamplay , the best i ever seen in 3 years on this game.
2nd, sorry for my bad english.... im french (nobody's perfect) lol
It's the first time i suscribe on a ET server website, so it's my way to show you how i'm glad to play on you server.
good players,
teamplay excellent, all good for me cause my aim is really ...low.... shall i say inexistant...
anyway, you can count on me as a teamplayer, im not really a Rambo....
maybe I will find some help for a better aiming... but the best help seems to buy glasses...

see you ingame !!!
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for admin mod registration baloo clicky HERE
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Ooooooh clicky :D
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