O.k. your tired of being owned by us, and wanna join. Post your Application here.
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Ok already bored getting your <b>@$$</b> owned huh? So you wana join?
Well if so, when posting or making a new thread plz make sure you have all the info's we need. Thx

Info needed:

Screen Name:
Real Name:
Servers/gametypes you play:
Time you play:
How long you been playin:
Average XP Points:
Hobbies (don't say videogames):
Anything else, you thing might help us to get know you:
Why you chose <font color=#00ff00><b>(SPK)</b></font>:

It takes time to join us! We do not hire quickly, so patience is best. Once hired you will join us as a bootcamper with <font color=cyan><b>(SPK)</b></font> tags for an observed amount of playing time. If you make it into bootcamp your Drill Sergeant will aid you in what you need to do next.

We do thank you for your interest, and hope ya make it in!

SPiKedX -Hiring Manager
Mikeangelo -BootCamp Director
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SPiKed X
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the X factor
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We have currently stopped hiring at this time. Please feel free to still apply, cuz you just never know, but for the most part we will not be doing anymore hiring at the moment. If you do apply, we will keep an eye on you, and when we are ready to hire new members you will be one of the first to be considered.

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